Is Your Residence Ramey Ready?

Hire a residential electrician in Danbury, CT

Ramey Electric, LLC is a residential electrical company in Danbury, Connecticut that’s dedicated to improving your life at home, one updated electrical feature at a time. From your fuse box to your lightbulbs—and every circuit in between—you’ll be amazed at what we can do.

Make yours a brighter and more efficient home

If you’re ready to save money, then Ramey Electric’s ready to put our electrical experience to work on your Danbury, CT property! We’re experts at any and all electrical repairs and installs, so get in touch with us for your:

  • Kohler equipment installation
  • Communication wiring
  • Light fixture installation
  • LED switch-out
  • Wiring upgrade
  • Panel installation
  • Breaker or fuse box installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Socket and switch installation
  • Backup generator
  • A/C systems

Let us show you how easy an electrically enhanced home can be. Call us at 203-748-7491 for your home electrical repair in Danbury, Connecticut!